New Galaxy


autumn/winter 2023-2024

Dress San Martino

Immerse yourself in the world of subtle luxury with this handmade knitted dress in the "subtle luxury" style. Crafted with care from natural materials - kid wool (including merino wool and acrylic), it promises a unique blend of style and comfort. The organic, certified composition provides the gentleness and warmth of wool, while maintaining the lightweight and durability of acrylic. Each pattern intricately woven into this dress reflects the artistry and meticulousness of hand knitting. Discover unparalleled elegance and style that epitomize the true harmony between nature and fashion.

Sweater Olmetti

Indulge in a unique sense of elegance with this "subtle luxury" style sweater.

Sweater Borgo

This sweater embodies luxury that blends natural fibers with modern technology. Allow yourself to indulge in fashion that expresses your style and highlights your respect for the environment.

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Jacket Bella

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    All of our garments are made from high-quality materials and undergo rigorous quality control at every stage of their creation.

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